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  1. Our Capabilities

    Thermal Edge Inc. was conceived to provide the best quality and most feature-rich products in the industry. We stand behind […]

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  2. Keep Electronics Cool, Clean & Protected with an Air to Air Heat Exchanger

    Electronic systems have value in multiple ways, and if they fail it can get expensive. In fact, the cost to […]

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  3. Increasing Energy Efficiency with Proper Electrical Cabinet Cooling Systems

    If you have an enclosure with sensitive electronic equipment, an electrical cabinet cooling system is an important part of your […]

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  4. Cooling Electrical Enclosures in Contaminated Environments

    Electrical enclosures must be protected from overheating in all applications, including contaminated environments that can cause sensitive components to corrode […]

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  5. How To Cut Lead Times When Ordering Enclosure Air Conditioners

    As an OEM, it’s important to stick to the tight deadlines and specifications that your customers often require. Late shipping […]

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  6. Why an Enclosure Air Conditioner is Best for NEMA Type 4x Ratings

    NEMA ratings identify the conditions to which an electrical enclosure can be safely exposed. The cooling system for the enclosure must […]

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  7. How Enclosure Air Conditioner Packages Can Prevent Mounting & Installation Issues

    Your electrical equipment is valuable, so it is important to invest in an enclosure and an air conditioner that […]

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  8. What Electrical Enclosure Manufacturers Don’t Tell You About Cooling

    Many electrical enclosure manufacturers include the sale of enclosure cooling products as part of their service. While a few of […]

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  9. 4 Common Problems with Enclosure Cooling Design

    Electrical enclosure cooling design is a task that is often neglected until it’s apparent that there’s a problem with the […]

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  10. What Are the Environmental Requirements for Electrical Enclosures in Pulp and Paper Plants?

    Pulp and paper manufacture is a complex process involving the chemical or mechanical preparation of wood pulp and the manufacture […]

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  11. How Electrical Enclosure & Air Conditioner Packages Cut Project Costs

    An electrical enclosure with a properly fitted air conditioner can drastically reduce costs and downtime if properly maintained. Whether you are […]

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  12. 5 Applications Suitable for a Cabinet Cooling Fan

    Some of the most common solutions for cooling an electrical cabinet are air conditioners and air to air heat exchangers. […]

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  13. 5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Electrical Enclosure Cooling Units Running Smoothly

    A properly sized and fully functioning cooling system is a critical component of an electrical enclosure. If a filtered fan, […]

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  14. 4 Things to Consider When Choosing Cooling for Electrical Enclosures for Waste Water Treatment

    Waste water treatment facilities are demanding environments that are often subject to harsh conditions. The equipment, including air conditioners for […]

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