5 Applications Suitable for a Cabinet Cooling Fan

when_a_cabinet_cooling_fan_is_the_best_optionSome of the most common solutions for cooling an electrical cabinet are air conditioners and air to air heat exchangers. However, certain applications allow a simpler and more cost-effective option. A cabinet cooling fan is an economical solution for an application that meets the following criteria:

  • The ambient temperature is lower than the desired temperature within the cabinet
  • The ambient humidity level is relatively low
  • The cabinet is located indoors
  • The cabinet is located outdoors with limited exposure to the elements
  • There is little or no risk of exposure to airborne contaminants
  • There is little or no risk of exposure to hose spray
  • There is no risk of exposure to corrosive materials

If the electrical cabinet is located outdoors in an extreme environment, exposed to corrosive materials, or in a location where water or cleaners are regularly sprayed, a closed-loop cooling system is required and a cabinet cooling fan is not appropriate.

5 Applications for a Cabinet Cooling Fan

Most cabinet cooling fans are rated NEMA Type 1 (for indoor use) or NEMA Type 3R (for indoor or outdoor use). Some of the most common types of applications where cabinet cooling fans are appropriate include:

  1. Audio/visual equipment – Televisions, stereos, and other A/V equipment generate heat that must be dissipated to protect the electrical components. A NEMA Type 1 fan is often acceptable for this type of application.
  2. Power distribution – Portable substations for power distribution often use filtered fans that are rated NEMA Type 3R. A substation might be used at a construction site, trade show, concert, or manufacturing plant.
  3. Lighting contactors – Used to control lighting loads for applications such as parking lots, hospitals, stadiums, auditoriums, airports and office buildings, lighting contactors can often be cooled with a cabinet cooling fan.
  4. Switchgears – Used in electrical power system to isolate electrical components, the fuses, circuit breakers, and other components in a switchgear are typically cooled with a NEMA Type 3R filtered fan solution.
  5. Industrial control panels – Wiring and junction boxes can be located indoors or outdoors and can often be cooled with a NEMA Type 3R cabinet cooling fan. In some cases, a non-metallic solution is the best option for this type of application.

If you’re not sure what type of electrical cabinet cooling system is right for your application, work with the experts at Thermal Edge. We’ll help you evaluate the internal heat load of the enclosure and the surrounding environment so you can select the cooling system that will best meet your needs. We offer filtered fans, heat exchangers, and air conditioners that are suitable for almost any application. Contact us today for your free quote.