Food & Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, operations require daily wash down with water and/or chemicals around electrical enclosure equipment.  This requires the enclosure and its’ components to be able to withstand corrosion and also seal out any contaminants to protect the electrical equipment housed within.

Thermal Edge enclosure air conditioners conform to the specifications for an application that is subject to a regular schedule of plant or machine wash downs with water and/or chemicals.  Our UL type 4X units employ seam welded stainless steel chassis and shrouds designed with a minimum of places to accumulate dust or mold.  The sloped tops of our shrouds prevent liquids from remaining after wash downs.  Our stainless steel filters are built to withstand chlorine and other heavy chemicals better than the aluminum filters used in other enclosure air conditioners.  In addition, they minimize filter maintenance with an extended filter capacity of 400%.

Browse our engineering specifications for enclosure air conditioners manufactured for food and beverage applications.


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