Waste Water Treatment

The operational demands of a water treatment facility require enclosures that are built to withstand harsh conditions.  Finding an air conditioner for electrical enclosures suited for all levels of water treatment, disposal or purification can be difficult due to corrosion and/or contaminates.  Many enclosure air conditioners utilize aluminum filters that are not built to withstand the chlorine cleaning chemicals sprayed on enclosures in waste water treatment plants.

Thermal Edge manufactures enclosure air conditioners suited to the environmental conditions of a waste water treatment facility.  Not only are our enclosure air conditioners fully-equipped with standard features that protect valuable electrical equipment from corrosive-prone environments, they can also be customized based on cooling capacity, sizing requirements and more.   Our two inch Louvered Security or Sliding Filter Frames are two options that utilize stainless steel filters to help the enclosure withstand chlorine exposure.

Browse our engineering specifications for enclosure air conditioners manufactured for water treatment applications.


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