How Enclosure Air Conditioner Packages Can Prevent Mounting & Installation Issues



Your electrical equipment is valuable, so it is important to invest in an enclosure and an air conditioner that will protect it under all of the expected environmental conditions. However, the process to select and install these systems is not always as easy as it seems, especially if you have never done it before. When an engineer designs a custom electrical enclosure, it will meet all the necessary dimensional specifications, but if they did not consider the cooling system, you might encounter unexpected problems with mounting and installation.

An alternative solution is to select an electrical enclosure and air conditioner package that fits your equipment and provides sufficient cooling based on the size of the enclosure and the components inside. An engineer can use the enclosure specifications provided and not worry about where to place cutouts for the air conditioner because it is already done for them.

Enclosure Air Conditioner Mounting and Installation Issues

Some of the mounting and installation problems you might encounter if you don’t purchase an enclosure enclosure and air conditioner package include:

  • Template alignment – When you purchase an enclosure air conditioner, you must consider not only the cooling capacity, but also the physical dimensions of the unit to make sure that it will properly fit on your electrical enclosure. When the enclosure and air conditioner are from different manufacturers, or even when you use a custom-made enclosure, you must ensure that mounting does not interfere with the components inside. Because mounting requires drilling holes and cutting out sections, if the two units are not compatible, you could find that you cannot safely mount the air conditioner with the template provided.

  • Mounting mistakes – Even when the air conditioner you purchased can be correctly installed on your enclosure, you are responsible for making the cutouts in the right places and finishing the edges. If you make mistakes along the way you could end up with bad seals or other problems. You must also make sure you install the air conditioner in the correct location on the enclosure for optimal operation.

Purchasing an enclosure and air conditioner package allows engineers to select the enclosure that makes the most sense for the application and then choose a compatible air conditioner with sufficient cooling capacity. The enclosure and air conditioner package comes with all the necessary cutouts and mounting hardware, so installation is easy and you don’t have to worry about mistakes. You also get the benefit of faster lead times so you can get your equipment up and running even more quickly.

For more information on how you can purchase an enclosure and air conditioner package for your project, contact our experienced sales team at Thermal Edge right away. We have a variety of electrical enclosure and air conditioner packages, and can help you select the right product for your specific needs. Make sure your electrical components are safe and functioning as intended for the entire lifetime of the equipment; find out which Thermal Edge enclosure and air conditioner package is best for your application today.