5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Electrical Enclosure Cooling Units Running Smoothly

maintenance_tips_to_keep_electrical_enclosure_cooling_units_running_smoothlyA properly sized and fully functioning cooling system is a critical component of an electrical enclosure. If a filtered fan, heat exchanger, or air conditioner is not properly maintained, it can result in equipment failure and possible damage to the valuable electronic components in the enclosure.

Fortunately, most modern cooling systems for electrical enclosures are relatively easy to maintain.

5 Maintenance Tips for Electrical Enclosure Cooling Systems

After an electrical enclosure cooling system has been professionally installed, it’s up to you to make sure it continues to run smoothly for the life of the equipment. Regular maintenance will not only help prevent failure, it will also extend the life of the system and allow you to get more from your investment.

Follow these maintenance tips to keep your enclosure cooling systems in top shape:

  1. Filter maintenance – Filtered fans and air conditioners have air filters that require periodic cleaning or replacement, especially in environments with excess dust or dirt. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for filter changes and check them between cleanings to make sure not too much dust has built up.
  2. System cleaning – Electrical components inside enclosures with filtered fans require regular cleaning because outside air is allowed to flow through the enclosure. Closed-loop air conditioners require occasional cleaning of  the condenser coil, the condenser fan, and other components that are exposed to outside air.  Closed loop heat exchangers may also require occasional cleaning of the condenser side of the coil.
  3. Part replacement – Although electrical enclosure cooling systems are designed to last a long time, certain parts are subject to wear and may need to be be replaced before they contribute to equipment failure.  Refer to the user manual for each system.
  4. Condensate management system maintenance – If your enclosure air conditioner has a condensate management system, it should be periodically checked for sludge, scale, or other debris. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning this system.
  5. Cabinet cleaning – If the outside of the cooling system cabinet is in an environment where it regularly becomes dusty or dirty, wipe it down with a damp cloth to keep it clean.

Although cooling systems for electrical enclosures are designed to be low-maintenance, taking the time for simple repairs and servicing will ensure that your electrical equipment is protected at all times.

Thermal Edge is here to help you with all of your enclosure cooling questions. Whether you want to install a new system or maintain the one you already have, our experts have the answers you need. Contact our sales team if you want to purchase a new low-maintenance cooling system, or call our support team if you have questions about your existing Thermal Edge equipment.

When is the last time you performed maintenance on your electrical enclosure cooling unit?