Keep Electronics Cool, Clean & Protected with an Air to Air Heat Exchanger

Electronic systems have value in multiple ways, and if they fail it can get expensive. In fact, the cost to repair or replace the equipment may not even be the biggest expense in the event of electronic equipment failure. Think about how much time and money would be lost if you had to stop certain operations for an hour, a day, or a week.

The cost to install a reliable cooling system is far less than the potential cost of an electronic equipment failure that is entirely preventable.

Protecting Electronics with an Air to Air Heat Exchanger

An air to air heat exchanger is an efficient solution for keeping electronics cool in an environment with low ambient temperatures. A system that has been properly sized and installed will help your electronics:

  • Stay cool – Overheating is one of the most common causes of equipment failure. It also contributes to a shorter life span, forcing you to replace equipment sooner and reducing the value of your investment. An air to air heat exchanger uses heat pipe technology to efficiently transfer heat from inside an electrical enclosure to the air outside, with minimal moving parts.
  • Stay clean – Hazardous environments have an obvious need for a closed-loop cooling system that will keep contaminants away from your valuable electrical equipment. However, even relatively clean environments inherently have dirt, dust and corrosive gasses that can get into electronics and impact the way they function. A heat exchanger provides cooling without drawing external air into the enclosure, keeping contaminants out.
  • Stay protected – One of the greatest advantages of an air to air heat exchanger is its reliability. With minimal moving parts and no filters to change, the system requires little maintenance. The only mechanical systems in a heat exchanger are the circulating fans, which are simple and affordable to repair, when necessary.

Remember, a heat exchanger is the best choice for environments where the temperature outside the electrical enclosure is lower than the desired temperature inside it. If you have an enclosure located in an area with a higher external temperature, an enclosure air conditioner is a better option.

If you are interested in learning more about how a Thermal Edge air to air heat exchanger can help protect your valuable assets, contact us today to speak with a representative. We’ll help you decide what type of cooling system is right for your application and work closely with you to determine the appropriate size.

What type of electronics do you need to protect?