4 Things to Consider When Choosing Cooling for Electrical Enclosures for Waste Water Treatment

how_to_choose_cooling_system_for_electrical_enclosure_for_waste_water_treatment_plantWaste water treatment facilities are demanding environments that are often subject to harsh conditions. The equipment, including air conditioners for electrical enclosures, within these facilities must therefore be able to withstand the potential contaminants, cleaning chemicals, and other materials that are used in everyday operations.

When selecting cooling equipment for a waste water treatment plant, it is important to know that not all enclosure air conditioners are suitable for such an extreme environment.

4 Considerations for Waste Water Treatment Cooling Systems

If you are responsible for selecting and purchasing a cooling system for an electrical enclosure in a waste water treatment facility, consider the following factors before you make a decision.

  1. NEMA type – Electrical enclosures for waste water treatment facilities are typically required to meet NEMA 4X standards. This means that the enclosure must be able to withstand extreme environments and exposure to corrosive materials. This type of enclosure is also watertight and designed to tolerate the high-pressure spray that occurs during the cleaning process.
  1. Filter type – The aluminum filters that are standard in most types of enclosure air conditioners are not suitable for corrosive environments. The chlorine-based chemicals that are used for cleaning in waste water treatment plants will eventually damage an aluminum filter and impact the performance of the cooling system. A stainless steel filter is a better choice when an enclosure is regularly exposed to chlorine.
  1. Corrosion protection – When corrosive chemicals are present, steel housings and copper tubing may be affected.  You should look for the availability of stainless steel housings and coated copper parts to prevent premature failure due to corrosion.
  1. Cooling capacity – Just as with any other type enclosure cooling application, size matters. Selecting a properly sized air conditioner is critical for optimal operation and maximum efficiency.

The best way to ensure that you select the right type of enclosure cooling system for your application is to work with a qualified provider who has experience in your industry. A vendor who understands the rigorous requirements of the environment in your facility will be able to provide you with the best possible service, and ensure that your system meets the minimum specifications required.

Thermal Edge works with waste water treatment facilities and many other types of industries to provide enclosure air conditioners that are both reliable and efficient. We also offer a suite of options and accessories, including corrosion protection and specialized filters, to ensure the best protection of your valuable electrical equipment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.