How Electrical Enclosure & Air Conditioner Packages Cut Project Costs


An electrical enclosure with a properly fitted air conditioner can drastically reduce costs and downtime if properly maintained. Whether you are planning an update to your existing facility, or designing a new plant layout from scratch, having electrical enclosures that fit in the specified dimensions and require minimal installation time is essential.

Why Finding an Electrical Enclosure and Air Conditioner Package Is Beneficial

There are many reasons why you might want to consider buying your electrical enclosures pre-packaged with air conditioners. Here are a few of the more common reasons:

  • Pre-cut for air conditioner: Ordering an enclosure that is pre-cut for the air conditioner saves time and money.  Factory finished cutout edges reduce the chance of installer injury and provide a high quality appearance.
  • Multiple sizes available: Your existing plant design probably has very tight constraints on enclosure dimensions. When you have the ability to choose between floor and free standing electrical enclosures, regardless of the footprint you need to fit the enclosure into, you can find a model to fit your parameters and your budget.
  • Closed-loop cooling system: Along with costs associated with obtaining the equipment, you also might be concerned with the cleanliness of the system as a whole. While no system can protect against airborne contaminants entering the enclosure when the doors are open, there is a way to reduce dust and dirt during normal closed-door operation. With a closed-loop air conditioner operating as your cooling system, your electrical equipment will not be subjected to the dust and dirt that would be introduced into the enclosure if filtered fans were used for temperature control.
  • Condensate management system: If you are even more discerning about equipment condition, you will also come to appreciate the additional feature offered by the condensate management system. By managing the humidity level in a closed-door enclosure, the system can successfully mitigate the risks of corrosion to your equipment contained within each electrical enclosure. Electrical operating costs are reduced with a condensate management system that utilizes the hot refrigerant tubing to evaporate the condensation. This type of condensate management does not require a drain tube to dispose of the water.

For more information about electrical enclosure cooling systems and how they can help you save money at your facility, contact the sales team at Thermal Edge right away. We can help you determine the best product to fit your low maintenance electrical enclosure and cooling system package needs.