What to Look for in Industrial Cabinet Air Conditioners


Cabinet air conditioners can have a tremendous impact on the performance, efficiency and overall lifespan of the electrical equipment inside your enclosure. In addition, efficient air conditioning can save energy and decrease utility bills for your electrical equipment. Enclosure cooling is commonly an afterthought in design but integrating the right air conditioner in your enclosure can prove to be an asset for your business. Different factors need to be considered before choosing a cabinet air conditioner for industrial applications.

Harsh Environments

Industrial applications have more demanding environments than most other applications. Enclosures in industrial settings are exposed to more dust, particulate matter and higher levels of humidity and dispersed oil in the air. Standard enclosure air conditioners are not always capable of tolerating such harsh environments. Accessories such as ambient packages and corrosion protection packages that have coated evaporator and condenser coils, and tubing can provide better protection to the air conditioner.

Remote Monitoring and Control

The enclosure air conditioners located in industrial environments may not always be accessible for programming, monitoring and control at all times of the day. The presence of other equipment, people working alongside your enclosure, contaminants and space constraints may make it difficult for you to tell if your equipment is at the pre-programmed temperature. You should look for remote monitoring and control features in your enclosure air conditioner that lets you control all the heating and cooling functions of your digital controller remotely from your computer.

Redundant Systems for Better Protection

Most industries have equipment the continued operation of which is of prime importance for productivity of the business. Even though the robust design and sturdy construction of enclosure air conditioners make them reliable, a redundant system may offer better protection for sensitive equipment where failure is not an option. Redundant systems involve alternating operation of two air conditioners on the enclosure, and in the event one air conditioner is disabled, the second air conditioner is called upon to provide increased cooling.

Vibration Dampeners

Industrial floors are notorious for vibrations due to heavy machinery. Your enclosure may be subject to the effects of undamped vibration from equipment alongside it. Even moderate vibrations can cause conduit failure and breakage of old electrical joints. An efficient vibration package can protect your air conditioner from these effects by providing shock absorbing loops and flexible refrigerant tubing to prevent failure of copper joints in the unit..

Design Considerations

There are cases where a conventional mounted air conditioner might not be suitable for your application – space constraints, ventilation problems and small enclosures are common scenarios where a side-mounted air conditioner is not ideal. For the same cooling capacity, you might have different options that have specific sets of features or design profiles that you can choose from. For instance, for a calculated cooling capacity of 2000 BTU/H, Thermal Edge has options ranging from their compact series air conditioners that are small yet powerful and narrow edge series air conditioners that fit on narrow enclosures. Cross-examination of the size and location of your enclosure may aid you in choosing the best option for design requirements.

Condensate Management

An enclosure air conditioner should come with a condensate management system to eliminate moisture that may otherwise have adverse effects on electrical equipment. For most products, the standard feature to control condensate of an air conditioner is a drain pan that collects accumulated condensation and drains it using a hose. A more advanced solution is a condensate evaporator that evaporates the collected condensate using heat from the refrigerant gas. This solution eliminates the need for a drain hose and actually increases the efficiency of the air conditioner.

Maintenance Schedules

Maintenance of your air conditioner in industrial environments is important for the efficient operation of your air conditioner. You can install low-maintenance accessories like extended capacity filters that increase the time between maintenance routines. When the cabinet doors are opened for observation or maintenance, you can install an open-door kill switch to turn the air conditioner off. It is best to make sure that your choice of air conditioners includes accessories that make maintenance easier and less expensive.

Thermal Edge has a wide range of air conditioners that meet your requirements for cooling capacity, design profile and helpful options. Contact us today to choose the best air conditioner for your industrial application.