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Detailed Description

Low Ambient Package (A1 standard / A2 custom)
  • Special circuit protects compressor from stalls and hard starts at ambient temperatures below 50°F and during long periods of compressor off-state
  • Constant low current in compressor motor during the non-cooling state provides internal heat to compressor
  • Ambient temperatures as low as 20°F
  • Below 20°F requires a special quote

NOTE: Low Ambient option MAY NOT be combined with High Ambient option, unless pre-approved by engineering.

High Ambient Package (A3)
  • Optimize Air Conditioner during manufacturing to achieve improved performance at high ambient conditions
  • Standard maximum ambient temperature is 125°F or 131°F
  • Most models can be optimized to achieve 131°F operation
  • Some models can be optimized to achieve 140°F operation