Condensation Management

Thermal Edge Condensate Control is accomplished by routing refrigerant hot gas through our condensate boil off pan. The pan is located ahead of the condenser in the hottest point in the refrigerant system where the hot gas temperature is 180°F to 260°F.

Condensation is evaporated and the vapor is discharged through the condenser blower to the environment. Additionally, this condensate evaporation helps to pre-cool the hot gas, lowering the running amps and making our industrial air conditioner more efficient. By utilizing this pre cool method, we lower the overall use of energy.

This condensation boil-off pan has enough water storage capacity to dehydrate the air in your equipment enclosure and vent it off without overflow—so long as the enclosure doors are closed.

In the event that the enclosure will remain open, Thermal Edge does supply an Emergency Overflow Fitting on all of our units. Use of this Fitting is only for extreme open-door applications and should not be utilized in typical or even heavy applications.

Please Contact Thermal Edge for more information on use of this feature.