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  1. Keep Contaminants Out – How Air to Air Heat Exchangers Protect Your Electrical Enclosure

    When electrical components are exposed to contaminants such as dirt, dust, humidity, or corrosive vapors, they can become damaged and […]

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  2. Cooling Options for a Sealed Electrical Enclosure

    Although industrial electronic components are generally robust and well designed, they are sensitive to contamination, moisture, and excessive temperature. They […]

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  3. How a Closed Loop Cooling System Can Cut Costs

    An enclosure cooling system is necessary to remove the heat dissipated by the electrical equipment and to keep the temperature […]

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  4. 6 Ways Active Enclosure Cooling Will Protect Your Investment

    Electrical components, such as variable frequency drives, PLCs, contactors, and switches, as well as the equipment and machinery they control, […]

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  5. Closed Loop Cooling Systems in Wastewater Treatment: 3 Big Mistakes

    Wastewater treatment facilities present unique hazards to electrical enclosures. Extremely harsh conditions commonly present during wastewater treatment include highly corrosive […]

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  6. 5 Questions You Haven’t Considered About Enclosure Cooling Solutions

    Selecting a new enclosure cooling solution or upgrading to another product can be challenging. This is especially true when […]

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  7. Preventative Maintenance for Electrical Enclosure Heat Exchangers

    Enclosure heat exchangers are excellent cooling system solutions for many industrial applications. Because they use ambient air and require very […]

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  8. Protecting Electrical Enclosures with Closed-Loop Cooling Systems

    When electrical systems produce excess heat in an enclosure, a cooling solution is required to ensure that there is no […]

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  9. Understanding Heat Transfer in Electrical Enclosures

    When excess heat is generated in electrical enclosures, it must be transferred outside the enclosure to help protect the […]

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