Protecting Electrical Enclosures with Closed-Loop Cooling Systems

closed-loop-cooling-electrical-enclosuresWhen electrical systems produce excess heat in an enclosure, a cooling solution is required to ensure that there is no damage to sensitive components. In some cases, a filtered fan that blows air through the system is sufficient. But what happens when the outside air has contaminants like dust and dirt or oil? The filtered fan may provide the cooling you need, but it will deposit these contaminants on electrical components at the same time.

When air contamination might be a problem, the best solution is a closed-loop cooling system for electrical enclosures.

How do closed-loop cooling systems work?

Rather than blowing air into the electrical enclosure, a closed-loop system removes heat from a sealed enclosure. In the case of an air conditioner, the heated air from the electrical enclosure is drawn out, passed through an evaporator coil that cools it, and is then returned to the enclosure without ever encountering the outside air. The same method is used in the case of an air to air heat exchanger, except the heated enclosure air is passed over the evaporator side of a heat pipe.

When are closed loop cooling systems appropriate?

Any time you have potential contamination from outside air, a closed-loop system should be considered. Examples include:

  • Manufacturing plants or factories
  • Food processing facilities
  • Chemical plants
  • Mines
  • Mills
  • Outdoor electrical enclosures that are subject to wind, rain or polluted air
  • Any time splashing liquids may be an issue

If you are at all concerned about protecting electrical enclosures from the surrounding environment, whether it is indoors or outdoors, installing a closed-loop cooling system is probably a good idea.

What are the benefits of closed-loop cooling systems?

Closed-loop cooling systems protect electrical enclosures so you get the benefits of:

  • Less maintenance
  • Fewer equipment breakdowns
  • Longer-lasting electrical systems

Having the peace of mind that your valuable equipment is protected is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of closed-loop cooling systems.

If you need to find the right closed-loop cooling systems for electrical enclosures, work with the trained professionals at Thermal Edge. We’ll help you identify a cost-effective cooling solution that is properly sized so it will operate at optimal efficiency. Contact us today to get your free quote.

What type of cooling system do you use to protect electrical enclosures?