Keep Contaminants Out – How Air to Air Heat Exchangers Protect Your Electrical Enclosure


When electrical components are exposed to contaminants such as dirt, dust, humidity, or corrosive vapors, they can become damaged and eventually fail. Selecting a cooling solution that protects the components inside an enclosure from outside contaminants can save you money on expensive equipment repairs, employee downtime, and equipment replacement.

When the air temperature outside the enclosure is lower than the desired temperature inside the enclosure, a closed-loop air to air heat exchanger is a cost-effective solution for both maintaining an appropriate temperature inside the enclosure and protecting the electrical components from airborne contaminants.

Air to Air Heat Exchangers Protect Electrical Equipment

An air to air heat exchanger is a closed-loop system that lowers the temperature in an electrical enclosure while protecting it from outside contaminants at the same time with the following features:

  • Heat pipe technology – Heat pipes use phase-changing fluids much like an air conditioner, but without the use of a compressor. Instead, the fluid in the end of the pipe located in the enclosure air is a liquid that is heated by the excess heat generated by electrical components. As the liquid is heated it turns into a vapor and rises to the top of the heat pipe, which is located in the outside air. Because the temperature outside the enclosure is lower than it is inside, the vapor cools and returns to liquid form, repeating the cycle. No air is circulated into or out of the enclosure, protecting the components inside from contaminants in the air.
  • Sealed baffle – Aluminum fins, end plates and a baffle connected to the heat pipe improve conduction and avoid corrosion. The center aluminum baffle is swedged into the heat pipe coil to provide an air tight seal between the outside air and enclosure air. Sealing the enclosure air path prevents airborne contaminants and unwanted humidity from entering the enclosure, while still allowing heat to dissipate through the heat pipe.
  • Filter-free operation – Because no air is circulated from outside the enclosure to inside, there is no need for air filters that can get clogged and reduce air flow. Air filters in filtered fan systems also introduce contaminants into the enclosure.

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