Preventative Maintenance for Electrical Enclosure Heat Exchangers

Enclosure-air-to-air-heat-exchanger-maintenanceEnclosure heat exchangers are excellent cooling system solutions for many industrial applications. Because they use ambient air and require very little electricity, they are one of the most energy efficient systems available. Using a closed loop heat exchanger system also has the advantage of keeping outside dirt and other contaminants away from sensitive electronics.

Like any cooling equipment, heat exchangers require maintenance. Fortunately, they require little upkeep and maintenance costs are low.

Preventive Maintenance for Electrical Enclosure Heat Exchangers

Taking a preventive approach is the best way to avoid breakdowns and lengthen equipment life so you can get the most from your investment. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for preventive maintenance, which might include the following steps:

  • Change air filters – A dirty air filter in a heat exchanger can impact its cooling capacity and performance. If your system uses air filters, be sure to change them on a regular basis so your equipment can continue to operate efficiently. A better solution is a filter-free heat exchanger. Not only do you not have to worry about regular filter changes, you can also be confident that the equipment is always operating at optimal efficiency.
  • Clean the unit – Although closed loop technology will keep internal electronics clean, you still need to ensure that outside air is allowed to flow freely through the condenser section of the unit. Keeping the condenser air inlet, condenser fan and heat transfer fins clean is the best way to ensure proper operation.
  • Replace parts – All mechanical systems are subject to wear and tear. Although this is normal, if it causes equipment to break down it can be disruptive. Regularly replacing worn fans before they cause a problem will help you achieve uninterrupted service.

Heat exchangers come in various sizes and models depending on the application. Selecting the right size for your needs will help ensure that the system sufficiently cools the enclosure with minimal interruption. Proper sizing is also important for maintaining energy efficiency for the life of the equipment.

If you are experiencing heat issues with electrical enclosures, or if you’re not happy with your existing filtered fan solution, call the experts at Thermal Edge today. We’ll help you select the right equipment for your application so you can be confident that your electrical systems are protected from both heat and contaminants in the air.

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