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HMI Only – provides a web-based interface accessible by web browser which displays the status of the programmable logic relay (PLR). End-users may configure five (5) settings through this portal including the cycle time of both air conditioners, the auxiliary compressor status and enable time, and if installed with the Option K4 – Open Door Kill Switch, the open door delay time prior to the system powering off. A hardwired Ethernet connection is required. Compatible with Redundant Systems only.

Sensors – allow notification through the Dry Contact Alarm Output in the event a compressor or evaporator becomes disabled. Two (2) sensors are provided (one for the compressor and one for the evaporator fan) for a single air conditioner.

Sensors + (PLR) + HMI – displays the PLR status in PLR equipped air conditioners. Compatible with E5 or E8 redundant systems and any single air conditioner with Option X5.