5 Facts About Air Conditioners for Telecom Electrical Enclosures


5 Facts About Air Conditioners for Telecom Electrical EnclosuresOutdoor telecom electrical enclosures are subject to high levels of solar radiation. The effects of solar heating as well as the heat load inside enclosures mean that some form of enclosure cooling is necessary. Additionally, telecom electrical enclosures and their associated enclosure coolers must be able to withstand the effects of adverse weather conditions.

Due to the high total heat load of telecom enclosures, it’s usually necessary to install an enclosure air conditioner, although other forms of cooling such as air to air heat exchangers may be practical in some instances. Here are five facts about enclosure air conditioners for telecom:

1. They Should Be DC Powered  

Although telecom electrical enclosures usually have AC power, standby power systems using batteries provide uninterrupted operation. Additionally, much telecom equipment is DC powered. A DC powered air conditioner can run directly off the batteries and, during power outages, inverters are not required to convert the DC power back to AC. This saves energy and is simpler. DC powered air conditioners can also be directly powered off solar panels.

2. Efficiency is Key

The DC models are designed for reliable, efficient operation. The system design incorporates several energy saving features, including:

Energy-saving condensate evaporation

Hot gas from the compressor is cooled by passing it through a condensate bath that is filled by chilled water that collects on the air conditioner evaporator. This increases the thermal efficiency of the refrigeration cycle and, as an added benefit, evaporates the condensate so no external condensate collection system is needed.

Thermal expansion valve

Refrigerant flow is controlled by a thermal expansion valve that increases system efficiency and provides better cooling at high ambient temperatures.

Efficient compressors

High efficiency, high COP rotary compressors are used throughout the range. DC units are equipped with an electronic controller that reduces starting current, increases efficiency and extends compressor life.


Air conditioner cabinets are fully sealed and insulated for improved performance.

3. Always Look For Reliable Operation   

The best air conditioners for electrical enclosures have a robust but uncomplicated design that ensures years of satisfactory operation. Quality components should be used throughout, and manufacturing processes must be carefully controlled. The rigid outer housings should be manufactured from powder coated carbon steel or, for arduous conditions, stainless steel. Look for a sloped top to prevent water accumulation.

Safety features to protect the compressor, such as short cycle protection and high and low pressure cut-outs, are also important for long term operational reliability.

4. Air Conditioners must be Suitable for Outdoor Enclosures

NEMA Type 4 and 4X enclosures are designed for outdoor operation in all weather. NEMA Type 4 enclosures provide protection against windblown dirt and dust, driving rain, water jets, sleet, snow and ice and can be supplied in powder coated carbon steel. . For more difficult environments, NEMA Type 4X stainless steel enclosures are available, and are designed for corrosive and polluted locations, including marine environments. Additionally, special corrosion protection measures can be applied to copper refrigeration components.

5. Flexible Control Options Shouldn’t be Overlooked

All air conditioners are equipped with an advanced digital controller. This unit is fully programmable and has built-in alarm functions. The set point is fully adjustable, and the unit can be configured for heating as well as cooling. For added protection and control, it’s possible to install Web- or Ethernet-based control and monitoring systems that provide facilities for the remote monitoring of alarms and facilitate remote control of the air conditioner.

Thermal Edge specializes in the manufacture of electrical enclosure cooling solutions that are designed to meet the high standards demanded by telecom, industrial customers and utilities. To learn more about telecom air conditioners, contact our National Sales Team and discover why Thermal Edge air conditioners are ideal for telecom electrical enclosures.