When is the Redundant System Option Crucial for Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioners?


Enclosure cooling systems are used for a broad range of applications in many types of industries. While every use of an enclosure air conditioner is important, some require unfailing reliability. When this is the case, certain solutions are used to ensure constant operation, including back-up power supplies and other redundant systems that prevent failure even when one component stops working.

When to Use a Redundant System Option with an Electrical Enclosure

For enclosure cooling, redundant system options are used for the applications where failure is simply not acceptable. The system works by using two separate air conditioners that operate alternately giving each equal operating time. The specially programmed digital controllers guarantee that the cooling demands of the system are met and that if one unit fails, the other automatically turns on.

Some examples of instances where this type of system might be used for an electrical enclosure include:

  • Security and surveillance – These systems must be completely reliable, with no gaps in operation that could leave valuable assets vulnerable. For an electrical enclosure that houses security and communications equipment, a redundant system package ensures that the temperature inside the enclosure remains consistent.
  • Digital signs – When outdoor signs are used to provide safety information and protect drivers, workers, or other personnel, reliability is key, especially in remote locations where access is limited.
  • Telecommunications – The modern world relies on telecommunications systems to stay in constant contact through both voice and data lines. When these systems fail, the consequences can be dire, which is why redundant solutions are often necessary.
  • Utilities – Although many households can survive without power or water for a day or more, this is not true for hospitals, banks, and other locations where power an outage would be disastrous.

Thermal Edge has experience with selecting the perfect cooling system for an electrical enclosure. Whether you are protecting a surveillance system or a telecommunications hub, you need to be confident that the enclosure air conditioner will not fail. When failure is not an option, a redundant system ensures that the desired temperature is maintained and that if one unit does encounter a problem, the other is there to take over.

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