When Is a Compact Enclosure Air Conditioner Necessary?

Blog_116_When_Is_a_Compact_Enclosure_Air_Conditioner_Necessary_bgsedit_2Not all applications requiring the use of enclosure air conditioners are the same. There are several factors like the heat load from the electrical equipment, size of the enclosure, location of the enclosure, accessibility to the air conditioner and ventilation outside the enclosure that make your installation unique. For instance, your application may require retrofitting an air conditioner in an already installed small 8” enclosure. A standard air conditioner will not be a possible option for such a small enclosure. Compact enclosure air conditioners are designed with these constraints in mind; their design and construction make them an excellent fit for tight spaces.  

What Are Compact Enclosure Air Conditioners?

Compact enclosure air conditioners are small and powerful units that typically have cooling capacities between 1000 and 3500 BTU/H. Their small profile enables them to be mounted on small and narrow enclosures. Their rugged design allows for indoor and outdoor environments. Despite their smaller size, they have all the features of a standard cabinet air conditioner. To optimize mounting, some compact air conditioners are designed to be mounted on either side of a wall mounted enclosure without affecting performance. Because of their size and light weight, they can be easily mounted on a side panel or a door.

Applications of Compact Enclosure Air Conditioners

Compact enclosure air conditioners are typically used in locations where their small size and light weight are necessary. Some common applications are:

  • In industries where the electrical enclosures are located right alongside other equipment making access to enclosure difficult.
  • Retrofitting on enclosures housing electrical equipment that are already operational.
  • On larger and denser enclosures where space available for an enclosure air conditioner is limited.
  • On wall-mounted enclosures that have limited space on the side panels for mounting an air conditioner.

If you have an application that requires a low maintenance system for a less accessible small enclosure, compact enclosure air conditioners would be your best bet. They are highly energy-efficient and tolerant of extreme conditions in petrochemical and cement industries.

Like standard-sized air conditioners, compact units are available for use with NEMA 12, 4 and 4X enclosures and can be customized for use in specific applications. For instance, epoxy coated coils and stainless steel housings are available for corrosive environments.

To learn more about compact enclosure air conditioners and how they can fit your requirements, contact our expert sales team at Thermal Edge.