What You May Have Missed: Enclosure Temperature Control News & Updates


As seasons and technology change so do the considerations for enclosure temperature control. Whether you’re designing an enclosure with more heat-generating equipment, battling high heat in an industrial environment, or combating humidity and condensation outdoors, there is always a new temperature consideration to keep your eye on. Here are the top industry news and resources you may have missed:

Protect Your AC Drive

Despite their growing popularity, AC drives have chassis that offer little protection from heat or the environment. There are four main methods for keeping AC drives cool and running effectively – read them all at Automation World.

The effect of growth on electrical equipment reliability and safety

PlantServices explores how growth, in terms of maximized production and increased efficiencies for industrial facilities, translates into increased electrical loads and additional electrical components and potential issues with reliability.

How to minimize voltage drops? – 4 practical guidelines

A voltage drop greater than 5 percent can hinder electrical equipment’s lifespan and operational efficiency. There are several practical guidelines, including decreasing temperature. Read them all on the Electrical Engineering Community blog.

How to Calculate Heat Dissipation for VFDs

One of the most popular from the Thermal Edge blog, this post provides practical methods for measuring how much heat Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) contribute to an enclosure. Read the full post, How to Calculate Heat Dissipation for VFDs.

New White Paper: Temperature Control for Electrical Enclosures: Why you Can’t Ignore It

Many of the of electrical control equipment failures around the world are caused by overheating, most of them attributed to improper cooling of the enclosure. For a business, this means incurring unexpected costs associated with frequent maintenance, component failure, downtime for spare parts, and in some cases, the replacement of the entire system. Download the free white paper here.

How to Avoid 4 Common Electrical Cabinet Cooling System Mistakes

Electrical cabinet cooling systems are critical components of electrical enclosures that enable equipment to work within their allowable temperature range and prevent them from failing. Any mistakes made in the selection and sizing process of these cooling systems can keep them from operating optimally and therefore delivering improper or insufficient cooling to your electrical equipment. Learn the common mistakes made with electrical cabinet cooling systems and how to avoid them here.