What You May Have Missed: Electrical Enclosure Cooling News & Updates


No matter where your electrical equipment is located and what method you’re employing to cool an enclosure, there are always new cooling and safety considerations to keep your eye on. Here are the top industry news and resources you may have missed:

Safety News:

OSHA, IEC Renew Alliance for Protecting Workers from Electrical Hazards

This alliance, will focus on awareness of OSHA campaigns about preventing falls and heat illness, and promote a culture of safety through outreach. One focus is small businesses and workers with limited or non-English speaking skills.  

DOJ Expands Worker Endangerment Initiative to Address Safety Violations

Under the new plan, multiple government and judicial branches will work together to investigate and prosecute worker endangerment violations to reduce potential workplace-related death and injuries.

Cooling News

Understanding Heat Transfer in Electrical Enclosures

When excess heat is generated in electrical enclosures, it must be transferred outside the enclosure to help protect the sensitive components inside. Temperatures inside an electrical enclosure that exceed the maximum operating temperatures of the components inside can result in equipment damage or even failure. Read More

Heat Knows No Boundaries

Learn more about the role of CFD software in planning enclosure cooling.

Design basics of control enclosures in machines, automation and industry

What should your control panel design take into consideration? Learn more in this article. For even more control panel design tips, check out these 4 must-read articles to keep up with control panel design.

Getting Repairs Right the Next Time

Everything you need to know about repairs and maintenance for equipment and electrical enclosures.

Choosing a Cooling System for Electrical Enclosures

Selecting a cooling system for an electrical enclosure is an important task that is not always as simple as it may seem. The consequences of choosing the wrong system often result in long-term maintenance issues or equipment failure. Learn how to make an informed choice in selecting an electrical enclosure cooling system. Read More here.

What industry resources do you use to stay up to date? What enclosure cooling considerations have you vetted recently? Let us know in the comments.