The OEM Guide to Cooling Systems for Electrical Enclosures in the Summer Heat

oem_guide_to_cooling_systems_for_electrical_enclosures_during_summerAs temperatures start to rise in the summer months, the risk of failure of electrical components increases if they are located outdoors or in unconditioned spaces. As an OEM, your customers rely on you to provide electrical enclosures that are dependable all year long. This means taking the summer climate into account and ensuring that your electrical enclosures are equipped with cooling systems that can accommodate the full range of temperatures to which they will be exposed.

OEM Considerations for Enclosure Cooling Systems

When providing electrical enclosures to your customers, it is up to you to ensure that the cooling system specifications meet their needs. In most cases, the customer will not have the expertise to determine this for themselves, so you and your suppliers must make the decision for them.

Some of the factors to consider when integrating cooling systems into electrical enclosures include:

  • Do a proper heat load analysis – Consider the location of the electrical enclosure, whether it will be exposed to sunlight, and how much heat the components inside the enclosure will produce. Given the high stakes for OEMs, it is best to work closely with your suppliers to get the most accurate information. A good supplier will take into account factors that you may not have considered when determining the maximum heat load, ensuring that your customers get the best possible solution.
  • Properly size your cooling systems – Accurate cooling system sizing is critical for efficiently maintaining the desired enclosure temperature. A cooling system that is too small will not have enough capacity to adequately reduce the temperature inside the enclosure, potentially leading to overheating. A unit that is too large will operate inefficiently, require more maintenance, and increase operating costs. Working with an experienced supplier is the best way to ensure the most accurate calculations.
  • Maintain cooling systems year-round – Proper cooling system operation depends on good maintenance, especially in the hotter summer months. Educate your customers about the importance of regular cooling system maintenance, especially periodic air filter maintenance. Failure to properly maintain an enclosure cooling system will reduce efficiency, contribute to wear and tear, and potentially lead to equipment breakdown.

Electrical enclosures are particularly vulnerable in hotter temperatures, which is why it is so important to select a cooling system that can handle the extremes of the surrounding environment.

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