The Importance of Warranty on Enclosure Air Conditioners

Enclosure-Air-Conditioner-WarrantyWhen considering a new enclosure air conditioner vendor partner, how the manufacturer handles their warranty is an important consideration. Not every provider offers the same level of warranty; in fact, some offer no warranty benefits at all for resellers. This means that if a part fails, you are responsible for working with your customer to find a solution. However, if the air conditioner is under OEM warranty, your customer can go straight to the manufacturer.

If you want to keep costs down and ensure the best support for your customers, an OEM warranty for the air conditioner is essential.

Enclosure Air Conditioners: Why Warranty Matters

If the enclosure air conditioner component of your system fails, what recourse does your customer have? Are you responsible for repair or replacement because you sold them the system? With some manufacturers this may be the case. However, some providers, including Thermal Edge, offer support and warranty services so you don’t have to.

Some of the benefits of having a manufacturer warranty for an enclosure air conditioner include:

  • Save time – Although you may have to offer certain types of support for the systems you sell, you won’t have to troubleshoot problems that are limited only to the air conditioner.
  • Save money – In the event that an enclosure air conditioner does fail, you will not be financially responsible for repairing or replacing it. This means that you can continue to offer competitive pricing for your products.
  • Customer peace of mind – If your customers know you have an OEM warranty for the enclosure air conditioner, they will buy your products with more confidence because they know their investment will be protected.

The Thermal Edge warranty includes coverage for up to five years after the date of purchase. If anything happens during that time and your customer has been operating the system within the specifications of the equipment, it will be covered under the warranty and you will not be responsible for it.

One of the requirements of the warranty is that the system must be properly sized and designed to operate in the environment in which it is located. Work with our applications engineers to ensure that your systems meet these criteria so your customers will be protected.

If you are looking for a new vendor partner for electrical enclosure cooling systems, contact Thermal Edge today to learn more about our OEM warranty, our product line, and the many industries we serve.

What type of warranty does your existing supplier offer?