The Different Types of Electrical Enclosure Cooling Fans Available on the Market

Electrical-Enclosure-Cooling-FanThere are many types of electrical enclosure cooling solutions available, from the most high-tech air conditioners and closed loop heat exchangers to the most simple filtered fan systems. Of course, not every solution is right for every application, which is why it is so important to select the right cooling unit for your electrical enclosure.

When the environmental conditions are not harsh and humidity is not an issue, the most cost-effective cooling solution might be as simple as a filtered fan. If this is the case, you have multiple options.

Plastic Filtered Fans

Quiet ball bearing fans draw cooler ambient air into the enclosure while pushing heated air out at the same time. This consistent air flow helps prevent electrical equipment from overheating while also removing potentially harmful particles from the air. With an easy-to-use snap-on grille, filter maintenance is fast and easy.

Metal Filtered Fans

These fans operate in the same way as plastic alternatives, with filter replacement as simple as removing two thumb screws. Electrostatic polypropylene filters remove contaminants from the air before it is circulated through the enclosure. Metal filtered fans can also be custom painted to match your existing equipment and are available in stainless steel as well.

NEMA Rated Fans

Filtered fans are available with NEMA ratings of 1 or 3R. Enclosure cooling fans with a NEMA rating of 1 are designed to protect both people and equipment in predictable indoor conditions. When the more stringent 3R rating is required for outdoor conditions, shrouds are added to provide additional protection from rain, snow, and other environmental conditions.


Plastic fans are supplied with polypropylene filter mats and metal fans are supplied with woven polypropylene electrostatic filters.  The polypropylene electrostatic filters are also available as replacement filters for the plastic fans.

Preventive maintenance for all filtered fans is relatively simple. Just change or wash the filter as needed to maintain good air flow and keep the equipment operating efficiently.

Thermal Edge is committed to helping you find the best industrial enclosure cooling solution for your needs. We’ll help you evaluate your specific situation so you can get the most cost-effective and appropriate system to protect your valuable equipment. Whether you need a simple fan or a more robust air conditioning system, we have a solution to match your needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.