Preventing Electronic Equipment Failure with an Enclosure Air Conditioner

prevent_electronic_equipment_failure_from_heat_and_moistureValuable electronic equipment housed inside an electrical cabinet is typically protected from water, dirt, and dust. However, this is not enough to defend it from two other important potentially harmful threats: moisture and overheating. Heat and moisture are the two biggest enemies of electrical equipment, potentially leading to malfunction, failure, and a shorter equipment life.

Adding an enclosure air conditioner can help prevent electronic equipment failure and ensure that your valuable systems work flawlessly and have a longer life span.

Protecting Electronic Equipment with an Enclosure Air Conditioner

Sensitive electronic equipment can be adversely affected in many ways. Three of the most common factors that put your valuable assets at risk include:

  • External elements – Corrosive gasses, water vapor, wind, ice, rain, snow, dirt, and dust are just some of the elements that can have an impact on electrical equipment. Look for an enclosure air conditioner that creates a closed-loop cooling system so that you can provide adequate cooling without having to draw potentially contaminated air in from the outside.
  • Overheating – Even if your enclosure is not in a particularly hot location, the heat generated by electronic components can create an internal heat load that can be harmful to the equipment. If your enclosure is located outside in the sun, or in a manufacturing setting with high ambient temperatures, a reliable enclosure air conditioner becomes even more important. Make sure you select a unit that can handle the internal heat load under the highest expected ambient temperature.
  • Humidity – There is always some amount of water contained in ambient air. The life of electronic equipment is shortened by the presence of this humidity.  An enclosure air conditioner will significantly lower the humidity in a closed loop system by condensing the moisture on the evaporator coil and eliminating it outside the enclosure.  Make sure you select an air conditioner that eliminates the condensate in the most efficient way.

All Thermal Edge enclosure air conditioners are designed with a condensate evaporation system, thermal expansion valve, and programmable digital controller to ensure that your electronic equipment gets maximum protection. Our unique condensate evaporation system removes all condensate from the system without the need for drain lines that can clog or leak. It also makes the air conditioner operate more efficiently, consuming less energy and saving you money.

If you need help selecting an air conditioner for your electrical enclosure, call Thermal Edge today to speak with one of our experts. We’ll help you evaluate your needs and select a properly-sized system for your application.