Is a Cabinet Cooling Fan the Most Cost-Effective Option for Your Application?

Electrical-Enclosure-Cooling-FanCost is always a concern when implementing new equipment or systems, including both the upfront expenses and the operating costs. When it comes to electrical enclosures, having a dependable cooling solution is important for protecting the components inside. Although air conditioners or heat exchangers are often viable solutions, they are not always the most cost-effective, especially when a cabinet cooling fan can be used instead.

Filtered fans generally cost less up-front and also have relatively low power consumption so they are less expensive to run. They are also relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain because they have few moving parts, no refrigerant or other fluids, and simply require regular filter changes.

Although there is certainly no harm in using a more robust cooling solution, when a cabinet cooling fan will get the job done, why spend the extra money?

When to Use a Cabinet Cooling Fan

If your application meets the following criteria, you might be able to use a cost-effective filtered fan:

  • The temperature inside the enclosure can be higher than the maximum ambient
  • The enclosure is NEMA Type 1
  • The enclosure is NEMA Type 3R
  • The humidity level is low
  • The cabinet will not be exposed to extreme heat
  • The cabinet will not be exposed to harsh chemicals
  • The surrounding environment is not extremely dirty

Cabinet cooling fans help control the temperature inside the enclosure by bringing in cooler filtered air from the outside and circulating it through the cabinet. This reduces the interior temperature and eliminates any potentially damaging hot air pockets that are created by the components inside.

A cabinet cooling fan does not simply blow air over the electrical components. The ambient air that is brought in from outside pressurizes the cabinet so that hot air can be driven through an exhaust vent. In some cases, this system is reversible so you can also create a depressurized system.

Using a washable filter that can be either rinsed or vacuumed also saves money on regular maintenance. In most cases, filters are housed in snap-on grilles or simply require loosening a few thumb screws to access the housing.

Thermal Edge offers cabinet cooling fans, air to air heat exchangers, and air conditioners to meet any electrical enclosure cooling need. If you’re not sure which system is right for you, we’re happy to help. Contact us today to get your free quote.

Do you have electrical enclosures that would benefit from a cabinet cooling fan?