How to Measure Reliability and Quality in Cooling Systems for Electrical Enclosures


How_to_Measure_Reliability_and_Quality_in_Cooling_Systems_for_Electrical_EnclosuresWhen you sell an electrical enclosure to a customer, you want to be sure that all of the components are built to last, including the cooling system. That’s why when selecting a supplier for enclosure air conditioners and heat exchangers, you need to be confident that the equipment you buy and install is both reliable and high-quality.

How do you know if the supplier you are considering meets your quality and reliability standards? Ask the right questions to get the information you need.

Measuring Reliability in an Electrical Enclosure Cooling System

An enclosure cooling system is a critical part of the whole system because if it fails, the components inside the cabinet might also fail. This leads to lost time, lost money, and unhappy customers. When evaluating an enclosure cooling system supplier, ask them the following questions to assess how reliable their systems are:

  • What type of warranty do you offer? Most manufacturers offer a warranty of some kind, but it is always important to read the fine print because it might not extend to your customers. A supplier that offers a warranty that extends to your customers demonstrates confidence in their systems and is a strong indicator that their equipment is reliable.
  • How long are your distribution times? Reliability is an important feature in not only the equipment, but also the supplier. Your customers depend on you to deliver electrical enclosures in the time frame you promised. If your cooling system supplier doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, you are the one who is ultimately held responsible. Always ask about distribution times and what steps are taken if promised delivery dates are not met.

Measuring Quality in an Electrical Enclosure Cooling System

Because the consequences of equipment failure are so significant, quality is an important consideration for an electrical enclosure cooling system. Ask any potential suppliers the following questions to assess the quality of their equipment:

  • Is your equipment UL Listed? Cooling equipment with a UL listing has met rigorous safety and quality control standards. Because it is an independent third-party certification, you can be sure that the requirements are consistent for every manufacturer.
  • Which NEMA types do you offer? NEMA types indicate the environment for which an electrical enclosure is most suitable, and cooling systems must support these specifications. A supplier that offers air conditioners and heat exchangers with a range of NEMA types will be best able to accommodate the varying needs of your customers.
  • Do you do performance testing? Look for a supplier that does in-house performance testing in addition to meeting the minimum requirements for NEMA and UL ratings. This demonstrates a commitment to quality that goes above and beyond the bare essentials.

Thermal Edge works with OEMs to provide cooling systems for electrical enclosures that are dependable and long-lasting. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your customers get the right cooling system for the job, no matter what the application is. Contact us today to learn more, or ask for a free quote.