How to Easily Replace an Enclosure Cooling System from Another Manufacturer

Image showing how the Universal Mounting Plate allows for Thermal Edge ACs to fit on enclosures that previously had the cutouts for a different manufacturer's AC.

When an enclosure air conditioner on one of your electrical enclosures fails, you need to act quickly before the panel overheats. But what do you do when you cannot find or contact the original enclosure air conditioner supplier or, if you can, they are unable to supply a replacement quickly? What if the technology of your old enclosure air conditioner just isn’t stacking up?

Replacement Options

When an enclosure air conditioner fails, your first reaction is to source a unit from the original manufacturer. But, bearing in mind that an enclosure air conditioner may last for many years, what if the original manufacturer has gone out of business, has no stock, or no longer has a compatible model? It’s also possible you may wish to change your enclosure air conditioner supplier due to the failure that occurred in the first place, or to upgrade with state-of-the-art features.

Although it’s theoretically possible another model air conditioner could fit the cut-outs on your enclosure, it’s not very likely.

Thermal Edge’s Easy Solution

Thermal Edge has designed a universal mounting plate that can be fitted to almost any electrical enclosure and is equipped to attach any one of Thermal Edge’s range of enclosure air conditioners. The universal mounting plate openings match those required for the air conditioner and provide a template for modifying the enclosure cut-outs should that be required. Pre-cut gaskets seal the gap between the air conditioner and mounting plate.

Benefits of Thermal Edge

Thermal Edge enclosure air conditioners are designed for long and reliable operation. They feature an all-welded construction and are available to meet NEMA type 12, NEMA type 4 and NEMA type 4X requirements. Their unique design incorporates an advanced condensate evaporation system that obviates the need for condensation drains. This system uses the heat from the compressed refrigerant gas to evaporate the condensate and has the further benefit of reducing energy costs by increasing the efficiency of the refrigeration cycle.

Thermal Edge’s air conditioners are fitted with advanced compressor protection and a digital controller that provides you with full control over the unit, plus the provision of alarms for over-temperature and system failure. Options are available for remote control, monitoring, and alarm signaling.

Save Time and Choose Thermal Edge

When your enclosure air conditioner needs to be replaced, save yourself time and money and install a universal enclosure air conditioner mounting plate and one of Thermal Edge’s advanced enclosure air conditioners. We carry a wide range of enclosure air conditioners and will ship your replacement unit along with the universal mounting plate with minimal delay. Contact one of our conveniently located regional sales staff or contact us directly at 888.580.0202.