How Heat Pipe Technology Minimizes Cabinet Maintenance

Heat pipe technology is used in air-to-air heat exchangers to transfer heat from within a sealed enclosed space to the outside. It is used in applications that require the sensitive electrical equipment to be protected from the contaminated air outside the enclosure.

What is Heat Pipe Technology?

Heat pipe technology utilizes hollow metal pipes filled with a phase-changing coolant to remove heat from the enclosure. Conductive copper pipes transfer the heat from the sealed enclosure to the coolant fluid in the pipes. The fluid undergoes phase transition from liquid to vapor at certain temperatures. The warm vapor rises up to the end of the pipe outside the enclosure where it loses heat to the surrounding ambient air and condenses back into liquid, which flows back to the bottom of the pipe. The closed-loop cooling system requires no energy for the heat transfer to take place; however, to optimize the heat transfer process, air-to-air heat exchangers employ the use of circulating fans.

Minimizing equipment damage/failure

Heat exchangers are closed-loop cooling solutions that can be used in enclosures located in highly-contaminated environments. They enable your enclosure to be isolated entirely from the contaminants in the air that could prove detrimental to the equipment. The extremely reliable performance of air-to-air heat exchangers reduces the chance of equipment damage or failure and lowers maintenance costs.

Enhanced flexibility in design

The efficient design of heat exchangers allows for their use in environments that have a high level of contaminants or humidity in the air. Their flexible design facilitates the use of different materials for operation in corrosive areas, and options for a thermally conductive coating for additional corrosion protection.

No moving parts

The cooling loop consists of conductive pipes and a liquid capable of phase-transition at low temperatures. The heat transfer mechanism itself is entirely passive and there are no mechanical moving parts. Air-to-air heat exchangers usually do not require frequent cleaning and maintenance for efficient operation.

Increased life expectancy

There are no components in heat pipes that wear out with time or excessive use. The sturdy construction of these components offers no room for part failure or leaks within the system. Unlike other temperature control solutions, repair and replacement costs are minimal with heat exchangers. The average lifespan of heat pipe technology is much greater than other heat transfer technologies.

Easy cleaning and servicing

One of the most important parameters of an efficient cooling system is the ease with which the unit can be cleaned and serviced. An air-to-air heat exchanger can be cleaned easily without uninstalling it. The air circulation fans are easily replaced.

Heat pipe technology is easily scalable for enclosures of different sizes. Heat exchangers have low operational costs due to their passive design and they provide rapid payback.

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