How Enclosure Air Conditioners Improve Plant Operations


There are a variety of plant conditions that can warrant the use of enclosure air conditioners to keep your electrical equipment running well. When an air conditioner is used in conjunction with a properly sealed electrical enclosure, the closed loop cooling system can mitigate many issues.

Protect from Hot Plant Conditions

With high temperatures in many industrial environments, electrical equipment can suffer a shortened lifespan. Enclosure air conditioners bring the temperature below the maximum operating temperature specified by the equipment’s manufacturer ultimately helping to extend the lifespan of equipment. In fact, reducing operating temperatures by 10 degrees can double the lifespan of electrical components.

On top of increasing the life of electrical equipment, an enclosure air conditioner also ensures that your equipment never causes a halt in plant operations due to overheating.  When you invest in enclosure air conditioners that are designed for the higher heat loads common to an industrial plant, you will rest easy with increased reliability of electrical equipment.

Dusty Plant Conditions

In addition to high ambient temperatures, dusty air can also negatively impact sensitive electrical components. Airborne contaminants can reduce the reliability of any moving parts, such as relay contacts, if allowed to build up on the surface. If dust is conductive, it can also short out electrical circuitry. In other cases, dust might be corrosive, and can degrade electrical components.

By using enclosure air conditioners in conjunction with sealed electrical enclosures, dirt and dust is kept at bay. The closed loop cooling solution will prevent any airborne contaminants from entering the cabinet during normal closed-door operation. Since the air conditioner can help reduce maintenance issues by keeping the operating temperatures lower, the cabinet door will remain closed longer between maintenance intervals, decreasing the occurrence of dust inside the enclosure.

If your plant conditions make your electrical equipment susceptible to contamination or high temperatures, having enclosure air conditioners in place will help prevent equipment breakdown. With closed loop cooling and better temperature control than other cooling systems, air conditioners can extend the lifespan of your equipment, as well as decrease the frequency of unplanned maintenance or troubleshooting events. An air conditioner can help prevent halting plan operations by keeping your equipment functioning as intended.

Use enclosure air conditioners to improve operations at your plant by contacting the experienced sales staff at Thermal Edge at your convenience. We have the knowledge to help you select the right cooling package to fit your needs and keep your electronic components running well for the entirety of their lifespan.