Get Rid of Electrical Enclosure Fan Problems Once And For all


Electrical enclosure fans are an economical answer to cooling enclosures in locations that are not extremely harsh, where humidity is not a concern, and temperatures slightly above ambient are acceptable for the electrical components in the enclosure.

As with any type of equipment, problems with enclosure cooling fans, such as wiring issues, like a short, blown fuse, or loose connector, can arise. Here are suggested fixes that can permanently resolve any electrical enclosure fan problem.

Filter not working

A good filter material is key to protecting sensitive electrical equipment from dust, dirt and flying debris, while allowing maximum air flow. Various filter media are available in a range of prices. For example, a layered, woven polypropylene electrostatic filter induces an electrostatic charge on particles as they pass through, allowing them to be more easily removed from the airflow. This media traps more contaminants than a non-woven polypropylene mat, and it will not degrade over time as foam does.

Clogged filter

Regular filter maintenance is important to maintaining maximum airflow through the enclosure. To allow easy access to filters, some models offer snap off filter covers, while others can be opened with two screws. For lowest operating cost, look for models that come with washable, reusable filter media which can be either rinsed or vacuum cleaned.

Rain leaks

For NEMA 3R rated enclosures located outdoors, filtered fan cooling systems can be adequate as long as extra protection against rain is provided. Some manufacturers offer shrouds that fit over the filtered fan and vent to keep the elements out while allowing free air movement through the enclosure.

Temperature too high

If all other problems have been ruled out and the enclosure fan is still not cooling the interior to the maximum operating temperature for critical components, or below, the problem may be that the fan was not sized correctly.

Fans work by pulling cooler air from outside into the interior, which moves heated air away from the components and out of the enclosure through a vent near the top. The cooling capacity of a fan is based on the volume of air it can pull through the enclosure in one minute. Enclosure cooling fan packages come in a wide range of sizes, up to 750 cubic feet per minute (cfm) or more. An online Enclosure Temperature Management calculator can help determine the correct fan size for a particular enclosure.

For expert help in specifying and sizing an enclosure cooling fan package, contact the knowledgeable staff at Thermal Edge.