Enclosure Heat Exchangers Beat Enclosure Fans in Long-Term Costs

a2a-family-resized-600Filtered fans are traditionally thought of as the least expensive enclosure cooling option. In terms of up-front costs, this is a true statement. However, if you consider the long-term costs of using a filtered fan solution that does not protect electrical components from dirt and dust in the environment, filtered fans can actually cost you more in the long run.

Filtered fans simply blow ambient air over the surface of electrical components inside the enclosure. This helps to lower the temperature, protecting your valuable equipment. Air to air heat exchangers use heat pipe technology with a phase-changing liquid to actively remove heat from a sealed enclosure by transferring it from inside the enclosure to the ambient environment outside.

If you are considering a filtered fan as an electrical enclosure cooling solution, you may want to think about using an air to air heat exchanger instead.

Costs of Filtered Fans versus Heat Exchangers

  • Upfront costs – Filtered fans are generally lower priced than heat exchangers, but both are cost-effective solutions for cooling electrical enclosures when the ambient temperature is lower than the temperature inside the enclosure.
  • Daily operating costs – Because the only moving parts in an air to air heat exchanger are the circulating cooling fans, the daily operating costs are similar to those of a filtered fan.
  • Maintenance costs – Much like a filtered fan, the circulating fans in a heat exchanger are typically the only parts that need to be regularly maintained or repaired. However, filtered fans require regular filter changes to ensure optimal air flow and efficiency.
  • Equipment repair costs – Repairing the sensitive equipment inside an electrical enclosure contributes to higher long-term costs for filtered fans. Because air to air heat exchangers provide a closed-loop cooling solution, no airborne contaminants are allowed to enter the system. This prevents the build-up of dirt and dust on electrical components inside the enclosure, contributing to fewer repairs over time and an overall longer equipment life span.

Thermal Edge provides both filtered fans and air to air heat exchangers for enclosure cooling applications in moderate-temperature ambient environments. We’ll work closely with you to determine the best choice for your specific application based on the surrounding environment, the components in the enclosure, and your budget. Our experts provide enclosure cooling solutions to all types of industries. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.