Electrical Enclosure Equipment That Meets UL Requirements

Engineer standing in front of the control panel in the control room and writes the results of measurements.

Many of the requirements found in the National Electric Code (NFPA 70) specify that electrical equipment to be installed in non-hazardous industrial facilities, such as wastewater treatment plants, food processing plants, and data centers, must be listed or labeled by UL or another standards testing agency.

UL, formerly known as Underwriter’s Laboratory, is a global safety science company promoting safe living and working environments. UL publishes written safety standards for commercial and industrial products in order to prevent risk, injury or danger, and to ensure that they operate properly.

UL standards are accepted by both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).

In order to receive a UL label, a sample number of devices must be tested by a nationally recognized testing laboratory approved by OSHA. The manufacturing facility where the devices are made must also be inspected and its production processes verified for reliability before the label can be applied to each device sold. A testing lab may also periodically sample electrical devices “off the shelf” to insure that quality and safety are maintained.

A UL mark certifies that the product, such as an electrical enclosure cooling system, has been tested by a third party UL testing facility and found to operate correctly, effectively and safely.

UL requirements for enclosure cooling systems

NFPA 70, is a standard that can be used by state or local governments to help the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) regulate electrical safety in buildings. NFPA 70 has been approved as an American national standard by ANSI, and it is sometimes referred to as ANSI/NFPA 70.

In order to provide legal protection, many local or state municipalities require equipment installed in buildings located in their jurisdictions to follow NFPA 70, and to be listed or labelled by UL or another approved standards laboratory.

Enclosure cooling systems fall under the ANSI/UL 484 standard (most recent version published in 2014), which covers the construction and performance requirements for special purpose air conditioners intended for installation in accordance with NFPA 70.

In addition to satisfying NFPA 70 for electrical enclosures in the U.S., many UL standards have been approved by governing bodies in other countries. For more information about UL requirements for enclosure cooling systems in your location, contact the experts at Thermal Edge.