Repair Service Procedure

Before contacting Technical Support, please follow the instructions in the trouble shooting guide included in the user manual. If the manual has been misplaced, it can be found at or you can scan the “QR” code on the side of your Thermal Edge enclosure air conditioner.

If the problem cannot be resolved using the trouble shooting guide, please email Thermal Edge Technical Support at [email protected], and a case reference number will be generated and emailed back to you. Technical Support will attempt to diagnose and resolve any product issues over the telephone. If an issue is not resolved, you may be instructed to return the product to Thermal Edge for repair, or Thermal Edge may dispatch a field service technician to the product site.

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Procedure

All returns require a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number for warranty or non-warranty repair, rotation of stock, damage or any other reason.


Returns without an RMA number will be refused and returned. Improper packaging may void the warranty. Air Conditioners shipped laying down will void the warranty. Collect shipments will be refused. Returns received after 60 days will be refused and RMA will be canceled.

To be issued an RMA number, please be ready to provide:

  • Purchase Order Number & Date
  • Product Description & Reason for Request
  • Model Number & Serial Number
  • Customer name and contact info (email, phone number and address)
  • Shipping method

Pack unit in suitable packing for shipment, preferably the original packaging if available.

  • Air Conditioners must be returned in an upright position properly secured to a pallet.
  • Tip unit to empty water from the evaporator and boil off pans.
  • Clearly mark the RMA number on the box.
  • Customer will pay all freight charges.

After the unit is received and diagnosed, you will receive a cost estimate on the work and parts needed. The repairs and test process may uncover other issues of which you will be informed and given quotes for the work needed.