Consequences of Electrical Cabinet Cooling System Failure Going Unnoticed

electrical-enclosure-remote-controllerAfter an electrical cabinet cooling solution has been installed, it’s easy to forget about it, especially if little or no maintenance is required. However, the consequences of an electrical cabinet cooling system failure can be significant, especially if it goes unnoticed for quite some time.

When equipment regularly overheats, even just a few degrees, the cumulative effects can have a long-term impact. Equipment that is regularly exposed to humidity or particle contaminants in the air is also subject to failure. Taking steps to avoid these situations can save you both time and money in the long run.

Electrical Cabinet Cooling System Failure

Several problems can arise when the components inside an electrical cabinet become overheated:

  • Unnecessary downtime – Shutting down equipment so it can be repaired or replaced often results in unnecessary downtime that impacts the bottom line. In a manufacturing scenario, you may not be able to produce as many units as planned, which impacts inventory levels. You might also have to pay employees for time spent on the job while equipment is down.
  • Expensive repairs – Repairing or replacing electrical components in a cabinet can be expensive in terms of both parts and labor.
  • Equipment failure – When equipment fails in the middle of a manufacturing run, the consequences can be even more drastic, with more time lost and a larger loss of inventory.
  • Customer inconvenience – When inventory requests cannot be fulfilled because of electrical failures, your customers are inconvenienced. This travels down the line to their customers and can eventually have a financial impact on your company when your customers look elsewhere to have their needs met.

Because the consequences of electrical cabinet cooling failure can be so significant, it’s important to select a reliable cooling solution that you can count on. In addition to reliability, selecting a cooling solution that can communicate with programmable logic controllers computers or even cell phones,  allows manufacturing personnel to monitor temperatures inside electrical enclosures. This means that they can identify problems as soon as they arise, avoiding all the consequences of unnoticed electrical cabinet cooling failure.

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