Benefits of Fully-Integrated Condensate Evaporation in Cooling Systems for Electrical Enclosures

condensate_management_package-fullWithin electrical enclosures, fluctuations in ambient temperature and/or humidity can cause condensation. Left unchecked, this condensation can wreak havoc on your equipment, and cost you precious time and money in repairs. The best way to control humidity in an electrical enclosure is with an air conditioner.  And the best way to dispose of the condensate created when moisture is removed from the enclosure air is with an air conditioner equipped with an integrated condensate management system that also keeps your energy costs low. Having fully-integrated condensate evaporation for your electrical enclosures will keep your equipment safe and running regardless of the ambient conditions.

Reducing Humidity Levels

High humidity levels can lead to a lot of potential problems with your electrical equipment. With a condensate management system in place, you can avoid these issues, in particular:

  • Short Circuits: Condensate can short out crucial electrical connections and render your equipment useless.
  • Rust or corrosion: Humidity in the air that condenses on steel parts will cause rust over time. Other metals will corrode under the same conditions.
  • Aging or breakdown: With all equipment rated for a certain life cycle, higher levels of humidity and condensate can shorten this rated life significantly.

Reducing Energy Costs

Condensate is collected on the air conditioner’s evaporator coil and then channeled to the collection pan near the bottom of the unit. The condensate management system employs the hot gas in the refrigerant line to evaporate the condensate before it is vented to the environment with the condenser fan. By using the hot gas, the condensate is not only evaporated but the gas is cooled prior to entering the condenser coil. This saves energy by lowering the back pressure on the compressor so it doesn’t run as hard, and makes the air conditioner vastly more efficient compared to a model without this type of condensate management system.

Reducing Worry

With condensate management systems in your electrical enclosures, you can rest easy at night knowing that the humidity levels within your electrical enclosures will be maintained properly. The easiest way to keep your equipment functioning properly is to maintain a consistent temperature and a relative humidity below 60 percent. With the condensate management system in place, your electrical enclosures will have no problem meeting this goal. As long as the enclosure doors remain closed, the boil off pan is large enough to handle the condensate and dehydrate the enclosure without any risk of water overflow.

Even if you anticipate the enclosure doors staying open for a long period of time, during scheduled maintenance for instance, there is a solution to avoid potential problems. Simply turn the air conditioner off when the doors are opened.  This can be done using the power switch on air conditioners so equipped, or installing an optional door kill switch.  If necessary, a drain tube can be connected to the emergency overflow fitting at the bottom of the air conditioner.

For more information on the condensate management system and how it can help you save money on repair and energy costs, contact the sales team at Thermal-Edge without delay. Our experienced team of sales professionals can guide you through selecting the right electrical enclosures and air conditioners for your specific application. Don’t let condensation ruin your valuable electrical equipment; find out which Thermal-Edge enclosure package will best meet your needs today.