Air Conditioner Options to Consider for Telecom Electrical Enclosures


air-conditioner-options-to-consider-for-telecom-electrical-enclosuresKeeping your electrical enclosures cool is absolutely essential in the telecom industry. Heat is produced not just from the electrical equipment inside the enclosure, but also develops from solar radiation. A reliable and efficient air conditioner to keep your outdoor electrical enclosures at ideal operating temperatures does not have to be unbearably expensive or difficult to maintain.

With cost and maintenance issues always a factor when considering the electrical enclosures for your telecom equipment, finding a balance is important. With the flexibility of electrical enclosure and air conditioner packages that can be designed to fit any application, neither budgets nor maintenance schedules need to suffer. The options for these enclosure packages make it easy to fit your exact specifications.

Remote Control and Monitor

With any air conditioner, controls to adjust the cooling system are easily accessible on the unit itself. But with electrical enclosures used for telecom applications, these enclosures could potentially be miles away from each other, as well as your employee in charge of monitoring the performance of your electrical components inside the enclosures. With a remote control and monitor option, you have the ability to monitor all of your electrical enclosures off-site.

Using a PLC to connect to your industrial network, or a PC to connect to a local area network or even the internet, you can remotely monitor the health and status of each electrical enclosure. You can also control the cooling system and adjust the air conditioner via this connection. If the situation requires, you can dispatch your maintenance employee immediately upon recognizing an issue, instead of waiting for system failure, or a routine inspection.

You can also set alarms at given conditions. Depending on the remote control and monitor configuration, these can be output to your monitoring station, or even set to send an email, fax, or SMS if you would like.

Open Door Kill Switch

With a kill switch, if the door to your electrical enclosure is opened for any reason, the air conditioner is automatically shut off. This prevents the air conditioner from running constantly as the air inside the enclosure will never reach the proper temperature and will generate excessive condensate with the door open.

In the case of planned maintenance, this is helpful as the air conditioner will resume normal operation as soon as the door is closed. This means your enclosure maintenance staff does not need to worry about turning the air conditioner on and off when performing service to the electrical equipment inside.

If you have electrical enclosures located in high traffic areas with the potential for vandalism, a kill switch could help extend the life of your air conditioner. If the door to your electrical enclosure is forced open, the kill switch will be triggered and the air conditioner will be shut off, saving the unit from running indefinitely until you can dispatch maintenance personnel to the site to repair the vandalism.

Remote Controller Option

With the possibility to move the Programmable Digital Controller to the interior of your electrical enclosure, you can present a secure exterior without any holes on the face of the unit. This works quite well when you plan to control the air conditioner remotely, as well as when you have isolated electrical enclosures that are not constantly monitored, as is the case with many telecom applications.

For more information on the many options available for telecom electrical enclosure and air conditioner packages, contact the experienced sales team at Thermal Edge today.