6 Questions OEMs Must Ask When Selecting an Enclosure Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Selecting_an_Enclosure_Air_Conditioner_ManufacturerSelecting a new vendor partner for any type of product can be challenging. This is especially true when looking for an enclosure air conditioner manufacturer because selecting the wrong vendor could have negative consequences for both you and your customers.

A reliable and effective cooling solution is an essential component of an electrical enclosure. Make sure you give your customers the best by selecting a vendor that can provide not only a quality product, but also excellent service.

What to Ask an Enclosure Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Always take the time to evaluate multiple potential vendors when selecting an enclosure air conditioner manufacturer. Some of the questions you should ask a potential vendor include:

  1. Can you provide multiple air conditioner sizes? Even if you currently sell only one size or type of enclosure, you want a vendor who can grow with you. Will your vendor be able to provide the solutions you need if you decide to expand your product offering?
  2. How reliable are your air conditioners? The reliability is an important attribute that can sometimes be a limiting factor in your enclosure system. Reliability will depend on the quality of the components used in the air conditioner and the final test procedure prior to shipment, so do not assume that it’s the same for every manufacturer.
  3. What is your warranty? Manufacturers that offer similar products do not necessarily offer the same guarantees about them. Ask about how the warranty works both while you have the product in-house and after your customer purchases it.
  4. What is your turn-around time? How long does it take a vendor to ship a product after you place an order? This can have a major impact on your production schedule, especially when a vendor doesn’t live up to its promises.
  5. What type of pre-sale support do you offer?  How does the vendor assist with selecting the appropriate cooling capacity and features for your application? Will you pay only for the options you need?  This can assure that you are getting the maximum value for your purchase.
  6. What type of long-term support do you offer? What will the vendor do if one of your customers comes to them with a question? A good vendor vendor will offer ongoing customer support as part of their standard service. Nobody knows a product better than the manufacturer; look for a vendor that shares that knowledge with both you and your customers.

Always ask for references and contact former or existing customers to see what their experience with the vendor was like. You can also look for testimonials and case studies to learn more about how the manufacturer helps their customers solve problems.

Thermal Edge meets all of the above criteria and more. We not only produce an excellent product, we stand behind it with a solid warranty. We also quote fast but realistic shipping times so you can stay on schedule. Contact us today to learn more about Thermal Edge.