6 Evaluation Questions for Selecting an Enclosure Air Conditioner Supplier


When you are selecting an enclosure air conditioning supplier, you’ll want to make sure the supplier is capable, competent, and that their equipment meets your requirements. So, before placing an order, spend a little time evaluating potential suppliers to make sure you select one that will deliver the quality you need.

Here are six points to check when evaluating suppliers:

Evaluate Their Capabilities

You will want to establish how responsive they will be to your needs and if they have the professional capability to perform. Establish how long they have been in business and ask them for references so you can speak to their customers. If it’s practical, visit their factory and meet their design team.

Establish their lead times and how much stock they carry. Also, will they be able to respond promptly if you experience an unexpected breakdown?

Check Their Approvals

Bearing in mind that in the U.S. electrical enclosure air conditioners have to be tested and approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, ask for details of their listing and check if their equipment has been tested. If your plant is outside the U.S., confirm that suppliers have certifications appropriate in your area such as cUL for Canada and CE for the European Union.

If the enclosure air conditioner is to be installed in a hazardous area, verify the equipment complies with appropriate hazardous area requirements and request proof.

Installation and Mounting Options

Ensure the installation and mounting options available are suitable for your application. The most common mounting options are side-mounted and door-mounted, although some manufacturers also offer top-mounting. Side-mounting is generally the best as it ensures that cool air is circulated to the top and bottom of the enclosure. Don’t forget to check what arrangements there are for condensate disposal.

Product Range

It’s important that enclosure air conditioners are correctly sized, so confirm that the supplier has products with a range of thermal capacities. Corrosion protection is important, so check that finishes are powder coated, and if enclosures are for corrosive locations, they are constructed from stainless steel. Establish whether or not suppliers have products designed for difficult environments, such as in chemical plants, pulp and paper factories, and dusty and dirty areas. Do their air conditioners have equipment capabilities for remote monitoring? Are there alternative products such as air to air heat exchangers available that are suitable for less demanding applications?

Efficiency and Capability

Compare the energy consumption of similar models from different suppliers and look for units that make use of innovative energy reduction techniques. Also, compare BTUH ratings and options for operating temperature extremes. Don’t forget to check the supply voltage and frequency offerings.

Technical Support

Evaluate the level of technical support available from the supplier. Is their design team accessible if you experience unique issues, and can they provide you with technical support to solve difficult problems? Are they prepared to go the extra mile with you?

If you have to replace an old enclosure air conditioner, are they able to supply a new unit that is compatible with the air conditioner’s mounting arrangement?

Choosing the Right Supplier Gives Peace of Mind

Although it may be a bit tedious to carefully evaluate your enclosure air conditioner suppliers, in the long run you will benefit as you know that your supplier is going to be around when you need support and be responsive to your needs. We at Thermal Edge understand the importance of customer support and our expert team is always available.