5 Ways to Find Electrical Enclosure Cooling Manufacturers


The process of finding manufacturers for your products these days is not half as complicated as it used to be. It is no longer necessary to flip through the pages of a local directory or the Yellow Pages to find an electrical enclosure cooling manufacturer. With the power of the internet, you have access to a wealth of information; you just need to know what your enclosure cooling needs are and how to look.

Google & Search Engines

In the recent years, you’ve likely become accustomed to searching for things on Google and finding what you’re looking for in the results. Google servers have already undertaken the painstaking process of indexing manufacturer’s websites across the internet and filtering results to the best options for your search. A simple search for “enclosure air conditioners” will give you a list of manufacturers in this category. However, to obtain a more comprehensive list of manufacturers for your appraisal, it might be practical to use a variety of search terms. Owing to Google’s evolving search algorithms and the fact that some manufacturers may not have optimized their websites for search engines, you may also want to check more than the first few pages of search results.

Online Directories

There are several online directories which are being constantly updated for your benefit. Some of these directories have an almost exhaustive list of suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers not just in the category you’re looking for, but also local to you. Some popular online supplier directories are Makers Row, IndustryNet and MFG. You can sort a list of all enclosure air conditioner manufacturers by their quality certifications, RoHS compliance certificates and GSA approvals. Through these directories, you can view a list of products each manufacturer makes and the industries they serve even before going to their website.

Technical Resources

B2B resources have been gaining popularity in the last few years. These days, with the advent of business collaboration, businesses are less reluctant to share their technical and commercial information with other businesses. Websites such as ThomasNet.com and GlobalSpec.com are excellent resources to find enclosure air conditioner manufacturers.

Person to Person Referrals

Some of the finest leads come from other businesses in the same industry; for instance, if you are in the food processing industry, contacting other businesses in this industry and finding out how they cool their electrical equipment may facilitate the process of locating your manufacturer that fits your unique application needs. Social networking has made communication between businesses easier; it’s great to locate manufacturers through these channels because you’ll be able to learn how they are reviewed by their customers.

Trade Shows

Industry-specific trade shows like Pack Expo, WEFTEC, and ISE Expo are held annually. Apart from trade shows, there are several technical conventions and expos where you may be able to find enclosure cooling system manufacturers. Since there are industry-specific products as well, you may be able to locate a suitable manufacturer in conferences pertaining to your industry.

Walking a tradeshow is a more personalized method of finding a cabinet air conditioner manufacturer. A face-to-face meeting with manufacturers and seeing some of their best enclosure air conditioners on display can help you better understand product features than hours of browsing the internet looking at pictures of their products. You can get an opportunity ask questions about your specific application and how their products can meet your requirements.

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