5 Reasons You Need a Reliable Cooling System for Electronic Enclosures


No one needs to be told how much time, effort and of course money accompanies the systems needed to keep a business running smoothly. Ensuring that pricey electrical equipment, servers and security systems that drive production remain operational is no longer a secondary task. It is a critical business function, and even a matter of public and employee safety.

You need to maintain the right temperature inside electronic enclosures with a reliable cooling system. Using a fan or adjusting the thermostat on the wall will not protect your business from a system failure when ambient temperatures near valuable components rise, especially on electronics located outdoors.

1. Cooling systems deliver a longer useful life. Your operation doesn’t need electrical equipment that constantly malfunctions, and you don’t need to write big checks to replace them prematurely. When temperatures rise above maximum operating levels, electrical components don’t last as long as they could. A cooling system, designed for enclosures, keeps electrical equipment operating beneath the manufacturer’s recommended maximum temperature and offers reliability that cannot be achieved by simple fans or your building’s HVAC system.

2. Cooling systems reduce waste. The thought of a separate air conditioner for an electrical enclosure sounds expensive and unnecessary. With a dedicated closed-loop air conditioner or heat exchanger, you have the ability to cool specific systems and not a huge room, which is what you’re doing by stuffing expensive electrical equipment into a closet or open room. Cool what needs to be cooled and nothing more.

3. Fewer breakdowns mean more time for your staff. Any operations manager or business owner wants employee time spent on improving the business and the bottom line, not dealing with setbacks. Housing systems and controlling temperatures using the right combination of electrical enclosures and air conditioning will dramatically reduce breakdowns leaving your staff free to pursue more profitable work.

4. Air conditioning systems that help you keep an eye on temperatures.  If a critical component is overheated and not functional, it can disrupt production. You don’t need a degree in economics to know that when production stops so does cash flow. Safety may even be compromised if a failure occurs.

Even with all of that to worry about, your staff is busy and can’t watch everything all the time. Most new air conditioning systems can be outfitted with options like remote control monitors that alert personnel when temperatures rise in electrical enclosures giving your staff time to respond before damage occurs.

5. Prevention costs less than reaction every time. While you’re planning your budget and managing the workload, think about how controlling heat efficiently can reduce time spent on maintenance and how well your business functions with top-notch equipment working properly. A VFD is more than hardware and installation. Maintenance starts with machines working in an ideal physical environment.

The consequences of poor temperature control inside electrical enclosures can be devastating both economically and from the perspective of safety. Solid planning and the use of an efficient cooling system will make your business more profitable and safer. Don’t watch revenue melt away with an unnecessary breakdown.

This is not a do-it-yourself project. Talk to the professionals at Thermal Edge to and match the most efficient cooling system and with the right enclosure for your business.