4 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Enclosure Air Conditioner

summer_maintenance_tips_for_your_enclosure_air_conditionerWhen an enclosure air conditioner is located outdoors or in an environment that is not temperature controlled, it usually has to work harder in the summer months to maintain the desired internal temperature. Because it will be running more frequently than usual, it will need more regular maintenance to ensure proper operation.

4 Enclosure Air Conditioner Tips for Summer

Proper enclosure air conditioner maintenance will not only help ensure that the valuable components inside the enclosure stay protected, but will also improve energy efficiency and save you money. Follow these tips to ensure optimal operation of your cooling system:

  1. Keep it clean – If the enclosure is located close to the ground, keep leaves and other debris away from the air intake vents. Periodically wipe down the surface of the cabinet to remove dirt and dust, especially in environments where there are a lot of airborne particles.
  2. Service air filters – Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for filter service.  Depending on the cooling system, the filter may be washable or disposable. Suggested cleaning methods vary depending on the filter media type, but many filters can be cleaned by shaking away loose particles and gently spraying water through the filter in the opposite direction of air flow. Most manufacturers recommend not using harsh chemicals or detergents to clean air filters. In the summer months you may need to change or clean the filter more frequently than at other times because the air conditioner will be running more often. In areas with excessive dust you might want to consider a high capacity filter that are extended protection from airborne contaminants.
  3. Maintain condensate lines – In a cooling system with a condensate evaporation package, you don’t have to worry about cleaning or maintaining condensate drains, but the system is not entirely maintenance-free. If the lines are exposed to dust or debris because the air inside the enclosure is not clean, they can become clogged. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning condensate lines or have a qualified provider do it as part of annual maintenance.
  4. Replace worn parts – Occasionally the moving parts in an air conditioner become worn and need to be replaced. Doing this before they fail is a critical component of protecting the components inside an electrical enclosure. An annual tune-up will also ensure that all parts are in good working condition.

Fortunately, many of these maintenance tasks are easy to perform yourself. The ones that are not can be completed by a qualified technician once a year or as needed.

Thermal Edge enclosure air conditioners are low-maintenance cooling solutions that will keep your valuable electrical components protected all year long. Contact us to learn more about all of our electrical enclosure cooling systems.